Don’t Drink And Drive!

Visit at least eight (8) of the ten (10) locations listed. Before departing, ask a staff person to initial and punch box opposite brewery visited on your punch card. OR check in on Facebook at 8 of the locations. When you have visited eight (8) or more locations, present this validated list, and/or Facebook check-ins in person,* at any of the Visitor Center offices listed on the back panel of your punch card or shown on our map during normal business hours. Once there, you will receive a special pint glass. You must be 21 or over to receive the booty. Booty limit is one pint glass per person. Must present ID (showing name and date of birth) when a North Coast Craft Beer Trail Passport or map is redeemed at one of the Redemption locations. It is not necessary for each North Coast Craft Beer Trail Passport holder to be present at the time the Passport is redeemed. However, it is necessary to present one ID and one North Coast Craft Beer Trail Passport for each booty. Booty is limited to stock on hand. No purchase is required to participate in the North Coast Craft Beer Trail.
1. Are glass pints available for purchase? Each location may have a selection of taster glasses, pints and other merchandise for sale. Check with your server. 2. Can each member of my family redeem a North Coast Craft Beer Trail Passport for booty? Yes, as long as each family member is 21 or older. 3. Can I bring my friends North Coast Craft Beer Trail and pick up their glass pint? Yes, as long as he or she is 21 and you bring along the original Ale Trail Passport. 4. If I forget to get a stamp from a brewery, can I get a stamp at a Visitor Center office? No. Stamps are only done at the specified locations. If you have a receipt from the brewery, that can be substituted for a stamp. 5. Is there a deadline to turn in a punch card? No, there is currently no deadline. However, booty is limited to stock on hand. 6. Can I redeem my North Coast Craft Beer Trail Passport and receive my pint glass by mail? No. 7. Do I receive any booty for a partially completed North Coast Craft Beer Trail Passport? You need to have stamps from 5, 8 or 9 North Coast locations to receive booty. 2011 cards require 5. ¬†2012 cards require 9. 2014 cards require 8. 8. Does it matter what order I receive my stamps in? No. It might help to plan your route to end before the 5 PM close of the Astoria/Warrenton or Seaside Visitor Center offices. 9. Can I take my underage children into the breweries and locations? Generally, yes. Please contact the brewery if you have questions or need additional details. Minors are not eligible to complete a North Coast Craft Beer Trail Passport. 10. How can I get around the North Coast Craft Beer Trail without driving? Whether it be on foot, by trolley, by car, by bus or any combination thereof, you’re bound to experience a good time on the North Coast Craft Beer Trail. Astoria locations can be easily done on foot or by trolley. Travel between Astoria, Gearhart and Seaside locations can be done with careful planning by Sunset Empire Bus on weekdays Check their schedules carefully, it is best to call and confirm the current schedule. Taxis in Astoria and between Seaside/Gearhart are relatively inexpensive. If you use a car, please have a designated driver. Disclaimer: the hours for breweries, trolley, etc. were current at time of printing,but all are subject to change. Please use the Facebook contacts, web pages or phone for each entity to verify the most current schedules. The Oregon’s North Coast Craft Beer Trail is a trademark. All rights reserved.
Redemption Centers
Astoria/Warrenton Visitor Center
Seaside Visitor Center
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